Entrepreneurship: it’s all about the genes?

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What determines levels of entrepreneurship? I would normally argue the quality of business regulations, access to finance, education levels, ambition etc... – but some argue that genes may be the key. For example, one study:

Compared rates of entrepreneurship between and among more than 1,200 pairs of identical and fraternal twins in the U.K and conclude that nearly half—48 percent—of an individual's propensity to become self-employed is genetic…

While another found that:

The results of our research support the primary hypothesis that individuals with higher salivary testosterone levels are more likely to behave entrepreneurially.

And what about in China?:

Controlling for institutional environment, entrepreneurs in China are much more likely to have family members who are entrepreneurs as well as childhood friends who became entrepreneurs, suggesting that social environment plays an important role in entrepreneurship.

I think I lean towards nurture over nature on this one, or at least that nurture can prevail over nature. Via the namesakes: Future Pundit and Business Pundit (so maybe it really is all in the genes?), who have more commentary.

Update: MSNBC is running a pole, with 'entrepreneurs being born not made' winning so far. The BBC has more.

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