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Blogging, that is. I just ran across what appears to be their one-and-a-half month old blog: Princeton University Press blog. It's a lot of election coverage cum financial crisis commentary. The tenor of the conversation? Somewhere in the nerdy-academic-brilliant sphere - I expected no less! Here's a taste of the conversation:

You’re going to hear a lot about derivatives in the coming months. These very complicated financial instruments—which Warren Buffet termed “weapons of mass financial destruction”—will be blamed for much of the mess we find ourselves in; they also kicked your sister and stole your car keys along the way, to judge from the tone of rhetoric on the subject. But blaming derivatives for our troubles is a little like blaming the gun for a stick-up (idea for bumper sticker: “Derivatives don’t kill economies, people kill economies.” Too dorky?). Derivatives are neutral parties, equally capable of financing innovation and improving lives as they are at sowing the seeds for financial ruin.


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