Examples of good practice in private education regulation?

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A note from Svava Bjarnason, Private Education Forum moderator:

Facilitating discussion on regulatory issues is the primary purpose of this Online Discussion Forum.  However, a secondary purpose is to begin to collate resources for governments, policy makers and practitioners working in regulatory contexts in emerging economies.

Therefore, we welcome your recommendations for examples of policies and regulatory frameworks that can be put forward as good practise. Here are a few examples we have collected so far on the 2008 IFC Online Discussion Resources webpage:

We encourage Forum Participants (and others) to submit links to documents or webpages via this blog or send them to ifconlinediscussion2008@ifc.org. What makes your case an example of good practice? How might it be useful for other countries struggling with the same issues? We'll collect all the submitted examples on the 2008 IFC Online Discussion Resources webpage to serve as a general resource on this topic.

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