FPD Forum Day 1

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The first day of this year's Financial and Private Sector Development Forum is about to wind down. I had the opportunity to attend several fascinating discussions, including:

  • A workshop on catastrophic risk insurance in the Caribbean
  • A discussion on building venture capital opportunities in developing countries
  • A look at Africa's industrial future
  • An inspirational talk by Ingrid Munro on how she built Kenya's largest microfinance institution with a team of beggars

For those unable to attend this year's forum, we have an active Twitter feed, where every attendee can share his or her thoughts on what they've seen. Check it out.

Tomorrow Niall Ferguson will discuss whether developing countries have learned from the history of money, or if they're simply doomed to repeat it.

Did any of our readers attend today's events? Feel free to use the comments section to discuss your reactions to the Forum thus far.

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