'Free press' bonds listed on the market

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Following up on yesterday’s World Press Freedom Day post, news that press freedom has been listed on the stock market:

Sasa Vucinic announced it at TEDGLOBAL last Summer, raising both interest and skepticism: he wanted to sell "free press bonds". "If investors are willing to fund the US deficit, why wouldn't investors want to fund the press freedom deficit?", Vucinic said. It's now reality: for the first time a social cause will be listed on a major stock exchange. The Media Development Loan Fund, a non-profit run by Vucinic and based in New York and Prague providing low-cost financing to independent media in emerging democracies, is launching a security that mobilises private investment to support a free press - basically a bond with a social element.

A related article in the FT. Via TEDBlog.

Update: microfinance bonds too.

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