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News items of varying interest for your perusal...

  • Transparency International will report on Wednesday that companies from Brazil, Russia, India, and China are most prone to paying bribes. (via FT)
  • Rupert Murdoch to make News Corp carbon neutral. (via FastCompany)
  • Increased labor mobility would bring greater benefit than full trade liberalization, foreign aid and debt relief combined, according to new CGD book by Lant Pritchett.
  • Action for Enterprise has a website that allows wholesale buyers around the world to view handicrafts available for export from Mali. My pick: the textiles. (via Timbuktu Chronicles)
  • Rwandan government hopes coffee plantations will ease ethnic tensions. (via Stationary Bandit)
  • Two notes on India: 4 government-owned insurers will begin offering microinsurance, and remittances to India could hit $27 billion by 2007 (up from about $23 billion today).
  • The Economist on why emerging economies "will provide the biggest boost to the world economy since the industrial revolution".

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