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Babson College and the London School of Business have released the 2005 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Jonathan Moules reports for the Financial Times:

Entrepreneurs in countries with middle per capita income are closing the gap on their counterparts in richer countries by tapping into technologies unavailable to them just a year ago… [The GEM] found that higher percentages of people start businesses in middle income countries, such as Thailand and Brazil, than rich nations, such as Spain and Japan

…Entrepreneurs from middle income countries also tend to create more innovative businesses with a higher growth potential on average than rich country start-ups… However, entrepreneurs in high income countries are more likely to create businesses to meet a perceived opportunity, which are less likely to fail than the necessity-driven businesses, prevalent in middle income countries.

The reports also claims that venture capital increased in 2004 for the first time since the .com bust.

Update: More facts and videos, via New Economist.

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