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Editor's note: This will be a recurring feature of the PSD Blog, summarizing the latest enviromental news. Fell free to comment and send us interesting stories to feature.

Going Green:

Merrill Lynch, decided to invest $9 million in the protection of forests, given that trees store CO2 and forest protection could be eventually used by big polluters as a way to offset their GHG emissions.

Cascade Brewery, an Australian beer company, launched the Cascade Green beer. To offset all GHG emitted through the production and consumption of the beer, the brewery purchases carbon offsets from the Government.


The Vatican released an updated list of the sins, and to the delightful surprise of environmentalists, the list includes environmental pollution as a new way of stamping one’s ticket to hell.

General Motor’s CEO Rick Wagoner repudiated vice chairman Robert Lutz’s comment on global warming being a "crock of…" Wagoner said he wishes Lutz hadn't made the comment and that it does not reflect the company’s position.

The world’s 20 largest polluters gathered in an attempt to create a positive atmosphere – in the metaphorical sense of course – for negotiations to a successor of the Kyoto Protocol.

...And not so green:

Power plants in the United States have increased their GHG emissions by 3 percent the past year, the largest increase in a decade.

Automakers are trying to get more time to meet the European Union’s draft legislation requirements on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

US Airways and SouthWest Airlines are being called to report on strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The airlines have reportedly been unresponsive to investor requests to disclosure on sustainability challenges such as climate change.

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