, the new billion dollar charity

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No, it’s nowhere near the $28bn of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, but it’s a start. is the new umbrella portal for Google’s philanthropic efforts – many of which include social investment projects in the developing world. To highlight a few:

  • The Acumen Fund, which will receive $5mn to fund anti-poverty and healthcare schemes in the developing world
  • Technoserve, which will get $500,000 for a competition to find and fund business start-ups in Ghana.
  • A rural water research project in Kenya run by economists from Harvard University and the University of California
  • Grameen Foundation USA
  • The MIT One Laptop Per Child program

Via Google Blog. (Thanks Pierre)

PS: Many are raving about the new Google book: The Search. However, another interesting –yet more tech intense- read is The Google Legacy; Chap. 3 is available online for free. (Thanks Ramin)

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