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Adi2005 In light of this week’s release of the 2005 African Development Indicators, here is an online quiz on Africa to test your knowledge.

A strong message which jumps out of the report are the strong and marked contrasts between the continent’s countries:

  • In Sierra Leone nearly 3 out of 10 children die before they turn 5 (or 284 per 1,000 births) while this is true for 15 per 1,000 births in Seychelles.
  • Zimbabwe's literacy rate is 90%, compared to Niger's 17%.
  • Liberia has three phone landlines per 1,000 inhabitants, while Seychelles has 269 lines per 1,000 inhabitants.
  • Only 22% of Ethiopians have access to clean water compared to 99% of the Mauritanians.
  • In Mali almost half of 10-14 year-olds work; while in South Africa child labor is practically non-existent.
  • Ethiopia's and Burundi's Gross National Income (GNI) are a low US$90 compared to Seychelles' US$7,350.

For more on the 05 ADI see the website or press release. Video from the publication's launch is also available online.

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