Improve the practice of business environment reform - be a (constructive) critic

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Donor_committee_for_enterprise_deve Informally existing since 1978, the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) is a group of donors and inter-governmental agencies who share our mantra: sustainable poverty alleviation through development of the private sector. IFC co-chairs this 45-member-strong Committee.

Throughout last year, the Committee has been working on the "Donor Guidance on Supporting Business Environment Reform" – a practical guide for staff of development agencies to help them do a better job improving business environment around the world.

Now that's the 30-pager is almost ready, the Committee counts on you for constructive feedback before sending it to the publisher. Bring out the Bill Easterly in you and email your comments about the content and usefulness of this guide to Simon White ( and Andrei Mikhnev ( by December 21, 2007. More info on their blog.

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