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Today marks the beginning of the IFC’s Online Discussion on The Evolving Regulatory Context for Private Education in Emerging Economies.

The purpose of the online discussion is to provide a forum for stakeholders to discuss key questions relating to the evolving nature of regulation of private education. It should provide an opportunity to share experiences and examples of good practice to facilitate informed policy development and implementation.

We have invited a series of ‘Guest Commentators’ from around the world to provide opening statements to act as prompts for discussion. We encourage you to add your thoughts and share your experiences through this forum. To focus our discussions we have set one question per week. This week’s question is:

What are the major challenges in regulating private education and how might they be overcome?

An introduction to the discussion can be found on the Private Regulation Forum on the IFC's Health and Education website. Background material and short introductions to some of the participants registered for the discussion can also be found on the IFC’s Health and Education website under Regulating Private Education.

Welcome to the discussion – we hope that you will be an active participant. To contribute to the discussion, simply scroll to the bottom of any posting to where it says "Post a Comment." Please remember to include your name with any comments - an email and web address are optional.

Svava Bjarnason
Senior Education Specialist

Suzanne Roddis
Manager, EdInvest

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