iPhone 3G = Organic Farming?

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Daniel_copy_4I haven't quite figured out what the connection is, but some folks have apparently found a link between organic farming and the iPhone 3G. An organization called Waiting for Apples is pulling a bit of a publicity stunt in New York by waiting in line days in advance of the release of the iPhone 3G, due to be out this Friday. What exactly is Waiting for Apples advocating? It's not 100% clear from their website. But here is what they're doing while waiting for the new phone:

  • We will drink NYC's renowned tap water.

  • We will have local healthy food (especially Apples) delivered by our community gardener friends, Greenmarket farmers, and locavore restauranteurs via bicycles and pedicabs.

  • We will compost our foodscraps, to help sustain our fragile soil.

  • And most importantly, we will talk to whoever happens to stop by about local organic farming as a critical element to sustainable healthy living, food security, youth education, and climate change mitigation.

An article posted in PC World suggests that's not all they're doing:

[A]s Gignilliat [one of the organizers] put it, "We think it's a good idea to grow food," he said. "It's just a good thing." His demeanor and manner of speaking suggested he may support not only growing plants, but also smoking them.

Perhaps this is how the organizers found the connection between organic farming and the iPhone 3G? I'm not sure about that, but I am sure there will be more antics in the remaining days before the release of the iPhone. You can keep up with the goings-on at heyheygig's photostream on Flickr. (It looks like this is the fellow discussed in the PC World article named Heyward Gignilliat.) He's also got a lot of other cool pics besides those of the Waiting for Apples event, including some colorful cars in Veracruz. I suppose you can have a look at those after attending to your organic tomatoes.


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