Is branding key to generating wealth in the developing world?

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In his new book, Brand New Justice, Simon Anholt argues that better understanding the nature and value of brands is essential for poor nations wanting to capitalize on Globalization - since wealth is created on “the last mile” of the commercial process. In his own words:

[The book] shows how marketing is, in fact a powerful tool for economic development, and might make a very worthwhile contribution to the fairer distribution of global wealth… So it makes sense to take a closer look at how these brands multiply money, and see whether their genius for doing so might be transferable to some of the people and places really need it.

For example, he tells us that the intangible assets of the world’s top 100 global brands is roughly equal to the combined GNI of all 63 countries [then] classified by the World Bank as “low income.”

Anholt is also behind the Nation Brand Index we have mentioned before. (Hat tip: Ethan Zuckerman)

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