Is Peru on its way up?

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The center of Lima, notoriously crime-ridden and dirty, has become safe and attractive. […] Consumer goods and services—cell phones, household appliances, and private education, for example—previously unavailable or in short supply have proliferated and serve all markets, rich and poor.

[…] The quality of service and attention to detail seems to have improved among Peruvian workers and management across a broad array of businesses. Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa recently noted that he was now much more hopeful about Peru, not because of Peru's positive economic indicators, but rather because 'something profound seems to have changed in the culture of the country. One would have to be blind not to see that.'

That's from Ian Vásquez at the Cato Institute. The Doing Business report ranked Peru 58 in the world and 7 in the region on the ease of doing business. The Enterprise Surveys has a snapshot of Peru's business environment, including the number of power and water outages in a typical month: 1.14 and 0.73, respectively.

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