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As I mentioned not too long ago in Women doing business, the World Bank Group has released a database of laws that entail differential treatment of women and men in business called the Gender Law Library, pictured here:


I hadn't gotten full background about the new database when I first wrote about it. Penelope Brook, World Bank-IFC Director of Indicators and Analysis, explains a bit more about the rationale behind the project:

This new resource is a starting point for governments, civil society, and researchers to get a better picture of the legal framework shaping a woman’s ability to do business. The library will be a baseline for researching which reforms of business regulation will have the most beneficial impact for women.

And why does all that matter? Because better economic opportunities for women tend to lead to higher incomes, higher literacy, and better health. If you know of additional laws that should be added to the database, here is the place to do it.


Ryan Hahn

Operations Officer

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