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In honor of World Water Week in Stockholm, check out this brand-new report from the International Water Management Institute on the relationship between water scarcity, agricultural production methods and global trade patterns. The comprehensive assessment of water management in agriculture gives the following optimistic assessment (and then immediately recognizes the political impossibilities):

Global food trade has the potential to meet all demands without worsening water scarcity or requiring additional irrigation infrastructure. Water-abundant Latin America, Europe, United States, Canada, Russia and Eastern Europe would step up their food production and export food to water-short countries.

Also, head over to Acumen Fund for a post on the role of microfinance in providing access to water. And on the more macro level, Dow recently announced a new partnership with a US nonprofit to promote access to safe drinking water:

The foundation will raise awareness of and funds for clean water projects worldwide through the inauguration of the Blue Planet Run(R), the first-ever global endurance run around the world, sponsored by Dow. Over the course of 100 days, beginning in June 2007, a team of Blue Planet Run athletes will circumnavigate the globe, running 24 hours a day.

Finally, Jay-Z's upcoming world tour will have a water theme. He'll tour countries suffering from water shortages, and MTV will document his experiences in a video diary to air on November 24. (Expect PlayPump footage and references to Bono.)

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