Local company moves production underseas

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In an effort to revitalize the company after years of stagnant profits, BakeCo Inc., makers of Good Twist Pretzels and Fluffy Brand Cream Cakes, announced plans Monday to move their Newark-based production facility underseas.

This from the satirical magazine, The Onion. Of course, the new business environment is not without its hazards:

"We're doing everything we can to create a safe working environment for the BakeCo team," [Marketing VP] Helheman said. "But once a tiger shark has attacked a victim, other sharks are attracted to the blood in the water, creating a feeding frenzy among the sharks."

Just goes to show how far the excitement about outsourcing has spread. The Onion doesn't mention the positive effect that this move will have on the ocean floor's economy, but of course we World Bankers see offshoring as an important source of growth and technology transfer for developing countries. It's a shame that some of the poorest countries have investment climates so hostile that a move to the mid-Atlantic must sometimes seem attractive in comparison.

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