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Check out the MCA Monitor Blog. It's a bit wonky, but the first port of call for information about the innovative Millennium Challenge Account. One recent post:

I'm still willing to hold out on the promise captured in the rhetoric and the mission concept of the MCA as an innovative foreign aid mechansims. But I do worry that the window of opportunity to show the reality behind the rhetoric is closing. I am working on a piece now evaluating how the MCA was supposed to be different -- more innovative and effective -- than other aid mechanisms against the current reality. I would love to hear others' thoughts on signs of success and signs of concern. There's a lot riding on the MCA's success.


I'd love to hear more from folks closer to the details on Armenia. This raised all sorts of theoretical questions, including use of foreign aid as an incentive vs. a reward, and whether the MCC can be different from other aid agencies in the ability to say no.

They're in listening mode over there. Anyone care to help?

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