Mobile phones in MENA

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A new publication on the socio-economic impact of mobile phones in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Interesting data on the financial and job impact of cell phones, and their special role in Iraq and rural areas.

  • Mobile revenues accounted for 5% of the increase in GDP in Bahrain between 2002-04
  • In Jordan, the number of employees in the mobile sector increased by 42% over the 4yr period of liberalization
  • Many mobile operators represent more than 30% percent of a total stock market – such as Egypt’s Cairo and Alexandria Stock Exchange
  • 95% of Iraqis use their phone to ensure the safety of their loved ones, 83% of Iraqis see it as a necessity in life, and 77% said it made life easier.

Key caveat: MTC is a major operator in the region and also the sponsor of the report. See more on risk-prone mobile investors. (ht NextBillion)

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