MTV and the fight against AIDS

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MtvlogoToday, MTV turns 25 years old. Also, 25 years ago the first case of HIV/AIDS was reported. MTV and the fight against HIV/AIDS have been closely linked since MTV launched its “Staying Alive” campaign in 1998. The network now reaches 63% of the world’s TV households and has distributed over 150 rights-free international AIDS-related public service announcements. Every day each one of their global channels broadcasts at least one minute of HIV-related programming. The relationship makes sense: 50% of new infections are among young people between the ages of 15 and 24 – which is also MTV’s prime global demographic.

The stats above come from an article in the September issue of SEED Magazine, where SEED’s Melinda Wenner interviews Georgia Arnold, MTV’s VP of Public Affairs:

Q: What do you see as the private sector’s role in combating AIDS?
A: …it’s not necessarily about raising money, it’s about using strengths. At MTV we use our creativity, our reach to young people and our access to talent. If a business is using its strengths, it’s getting involved in the right way in the long term.

The September issue is a special issue focusing on “Aids at 25” – though none of it appears to be online yet. (Thanks for the tip, Pablo.)

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