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The latest version of the always interesting Latinobarómetro poll on Latin American is out. Some findings include:

  • Just 31% of Latin Americans think their country is progressing (up from 27% last year)
  • A clear majority believe that a market economy is the only means by which their country can develop
  • Sentiment towards privatization is improving
  • Latin Americans continue to see their main problems as being unemployment, crime and poverty
  • 41% of respondents knew someone who had been a victim of crime in the past 12 months (up from 33% last year)
  • 70% agree that democracy is the least bad system of government
  • 62% say that in no circumstances would they support a military coup (though only 51% in Ecuador, 49% in Peru, and 31% in Paraguay)

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Update: Seems they have a blog as well.

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