New reading list on private participation in education

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The World Bank’s reading list on private participation in education has just been updated. The private provision of education services remains an extremely contentious issue in both developed and developing countries. Being that there is great hope that private education can compensate for the perceived inadequacies of current systems, most of the current debate focuses on how this involvement should occur: grants, vouchers, charter schools or something else?

While it is clear that private schooling has brought great benefits to the children of the wealthy – the challenge is transferring these lessons, experience and benefits to the poorer segments of society. How can private education help reach “education for all targets” and the Millenium Development Goal of achieving universal primary education by 2015.

The resources gathered in this list discuss recent global trends in private education as well as evidence of its impact. It also discusses in detail the demand and supply-side issues involved.

For more on the importance of education to development see the most recent issue of Finance & Development.

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