No more sweatshops?

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In a further sign of growing interest in corporate social responsibility within Chinese government, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Labour and Social Security has released a new research report on CSR in the southern city and manufacturing base. As reported in the Shenzhen%20Daily">Shenzhen Daily, the report suggests most local companies are not very socially responsible, although a few Shenzhen firms do feature among the most respectable firms in China.

The report advocates strongly for CSR, noting that it can help win business from international firms and help address causes of social unrest

“It [the city] should make full use of its economic influence to promote corporate social responsibility” said bureau official Zhang Guojiu.

The city government is aiming to release CSR guidelines by the end of the year. Could this make Shenzhen a trend setter not just in China, but globally for city level action on CSR?

Update: see a previous post on sweatshops.


Michael Jarvis

Executive Director, Transparency and Accountability Initiative

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