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Malaria_soccerToday is World Malaria Day, a few articles have caught my eye lately on the subject. The disease is one of the most deadly in the world, claiming the lives of over one million people annually. In Africa, a child dies every 30 seconds from malaria.

The American professional soccer league, MLS, has partnered with “Nothing But Nets,” a UN Foundation campaign to fight malaria. MLS followed the path of the NBA and other organizations that have joined the campaign. Anyone can donate and with each $10 Nothing But Nets is able to provided one anti-malarial insecticide-treated net.

In another piece of news, Novartis decided cut the price of its anti-malarial drug Coartem by 20 percent starting today. The company said the price reduction was made possible through efficiency gains after expanding its operations - makes one wonder how long Novartis has been waiting for Malaria Day.

To learn more about the disease and even to take quiz on the subject you can visit the World Bank’s Web site on malaria.

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