Oligarch, ahead of his time

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Russia's oligarchs have been suffering through the financial crisis. (It must be hard having to give up the chateau in France and the penthouse in London.) But one oligarch already pointed the way years ago. German Sterligov, the man who set up Russia's first commodities exchange after the fall of communism, gave up the oligarch's life for that of a peasant some years ago. He lives on a farm with his family outside Moscow, where, reportedly, "old-fashioned tutors visit their home to teach them maths, history, Russian and hand-to-hand combat."

And for those of us suffering through the financial crisis, Sterligov offers a bit of peasant wisdom: "Not just for my oligarch friends but for everyone in this crisis - buy products, flour and salt and sugar. All of you. You will need them."

(Hat tip: Eternal Remont


Ryan Hahn

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