On the web, necessity breeds invention

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So, what are the smartest non-profits online? The answer is in an interactive list put together by NetSquared, Squidoo and GetActive. Non-profits are ranked based on their ability to integrate web 2.0 technologies in their business model. Quite why the list stops at 59 is beyond me.

A quick look at the top entries clearly shows that a (presumably) small budget for web development is not always a curse, as long as the creativity and willingness to experiment are there. As often is the case, trust fundraisers to be ahead of the curve. Private sector (and, dare I say it, financial institutions), take note.

Long-time PSD blog readers will not be surprised to find Kiva at #4 on the list (for now). The site's ability to create one-to-one connections and loan money to small entrepreneurs in emerging markets fully justifies the ranking.

A pair of organizations that didn't make the list, but have some nice features worth visiting:

  1. USAID has posted audio interviews with microenterprise development specialists. I like the way they've used supporting slides to complement the interviews.
  2. UNICEF has launched Media Magic Digest, a quarterly multimedia newsletter "for people interested in how young people create media around the world [which] aims to promote dialogue between broadcasters and young media enthusiasts."

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