Oxfam: still against user fees

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According to William Kramer at NextBillion, Oxfam continues to bash private sector approaches to development:

As I read this report, the private sector is seen as the enemy at worst and a wild beast to be caged at best, the profit motive as antithetical to welfare, and more aid as the solution.

Oxfam's new report is In the Public Interest: Health, Education, and Water and Sanitation for All - another call for massive aid flows. One recommendation: Abolish fees for basic education and health care and subsidise water for poor people.

Seems they haven't read James Tooley's excellent essay on (private) slum schools, which puts up a convincing challenge to the idea of free public education as a human right. James won the IFC-FT essay contest, and I'm still hoping he'll join us on PSD Blog one of these days.

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