Peer-to-peer loans for the poor

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Dennis Whittle saw an opportunity to tap into what he calls the "secondary market" for donations. He quit the World Bank, and six years ago, he and a colleague started a private, web-based microfinance program called Global Giving.

"Global Giving just enables small-scale grassroots projects to match up with relatively small donors all around the world, who want to help them make a difference," said Mr Whittle… The website is kind of like a combination of eBay and Amazon. And the idea is that qualified grassroots projects from around the world can be listed, as long as they meet certain qualifications… If you're a donor, and you're interested in HIV/Aids, you can find projects to fund. If you're interested in projects in Kenya, you can find those. It's a clearing house."

Read the full BBC article, which also discusses Kiva.

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