PSD Blog has a birthday!

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It has been one year since the PSD Blog's official launch. We can't believe it either, or that almost 1,000 of you subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks to all of our readers and to our fellow bloggers for making the development blogosphere such a vibrant place!

To celebrate the big day, we've invited blog co-founder Tim Harford, now writing the Dear Economist column at the FT, to blog about the state of the aid industry. (Pablo is on a well-deserved vacation.)

While we're enjoying cake and ice cream, we thought you might enjoy a look back at the blog's ten most popular posts over the last year:

  1. First law of petropolitics
  2. What is fair trade for?
  3. World Cup economics and development
  4. What’s the future of the carbon market?
  5. Global Corruption Report 2006
  6. China vs. India - a visual essay
  7. China vs. India
  8. Brazil, Russia, India, and China in 2050
  9. Mapping the global future
  10. Parking tickets, diplomats, and corruption

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