PSD Stories of Note: Weekly Roundup for June 23 to June 27

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Arab Businesswomen: FT thinks this is a niche market with potential.

Root Capital: Funding the “missing middle” is better than Harvard Business School.

China’s Stock-market: Beijing lets the market take care of itself.

Spreading the Capitalist Ethos: Wall Street is Chinese tourists’ first stop in NY.

NYSE Euronext: Qatar continues in its bid to become a regional financial center.

Endowment Effect: The Economist finally figures out that “humans are irrational.”

Saudi Business: Shopping malls made for women only.

Financial Advice: It’s what India’s middle class needs now.

Telecoms: Qatar is moving into the Indonesian market.

Inflation: Vietnam gets advice from Greenspan, continues to put up a fight.


Ryan Hahn

Operations Officer

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