PSD Stories of Note: Weekly Roundup for June 30 to July 3

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Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev celebrates “Starry Decade of Astana,” politely declines to rename city in his honor.

A Difficult Road: India faces a struggle to upgrade its roads, railways, and ports.

Emerging Markets: Not the haven investors hoped they’d be.

Hot Money: Who isn’t putting their money into China?

Private Equity: It’s taking off in Africa.

A Global Union: United Steelworkers and Unite take the first step toward a global workers union.

Privatization Czar: Chubais says “don’t privatize everything.”

$2,300 Car: India’s Tata Motors plans on beginning production of the Nano minicar later this year. (My question: Does it come with an iPod?)

Bread Basket: Brazil offers credit to farmers to increase agricultural output, tamp down inflation.


Ryan Hahn

Operations Officer

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