Random Hacks of Kindness is here!

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As announced in a previous post, the Random Hacks of Kindness "hackathon" is officially under way today. Thank you to those of you who contributed ideas for issues to be tackled or helped spread the word in the developers' community.

The prospect of 200 programmers from Silicon Valley and around the world convening in San Francisco to work with international first responders and disaster risk management experts is mouth-watering. In the works are software solutions such as a system to submit found or missing people reports, a tool to determine the trustworthiness of crowdsourced data points, and a people-finder mobile-based upload, confirmation, comment, and inquiry system. These solutions will continue to be developed at subsequent events, and openly shared with the international community. So watch this space or the official Random Hacks of Kindness website for follow-up calls to action.

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