Reigniting post-conflict growth: the Solomon Islands

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Solomonisl The latest issue of Focus Magazine discusses the development challenges of fragile states. Discussing various issues related to conflict and disaster reconstruction, the magazine contains a photo essay on the importance of private sector entrepreneurship as well as an article on how the Solomon Islands has tried to lure back FDI.

When conflict broke in the Solomon Islands private investment stalled and foreign investors quickly pulled out. Now that the situation had normalized, the government has begun a comprehensive reform agenda – reigniting the private sector being a central goal. For example, FIAS is working with the government on redrafting the foreign investment bill as well as reducing the costs of doing business.

The government’s decision to address private sector development issues early on is commendable. Many “post-conflict” governments in the past have seen PSD projects more as second generation reforms. However, if too much time passes before PSD reforms are enacted a critical window of opportunity for laying down the proper foundations for future private sector growth may be missed.

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