Seeking your questions for the roundtable on the role of the state in competitiveness

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It is less than a week before the Promoting Competitiveness in Latin America and the Caribbean, hosted by the World Bank and the Mexican Ministry of Economy in Mexico City. More than 215 people have registered, including attendees from more than 20 different countries.

One of the events we are most excited about is the roundtable discussion, where discussants will address the question: what is the role of governments in promoting competitiveness? (See the latest agenda.) With the recent financial crisis having shifted the spectrum on the limits of acceptable government intervention, we are looking forward to a lively debate. We are fortunate to have a number of dynamic policymakers taking part in this roundtable: Costa Rica’s new Minister of Planning (and HBS professor) Laura Alfaro Maykall, Mexican Secretary of Economy Bruno Francisco Ferrari García de Alba, Uruguay’s Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining Roberto Kreinerman, Brazil’s Secretary of Economic Monitoring Antonio Henrique Silviera and the World Bank’s own Marcelo Giugale.

Mexican TV and radio host José Yuste will be moderating the roundtable. What questions would you like Jose Yusté to ask participants? What are your views on the role of the government in promoting competitiveness? Please submit your questions and views on the role of the state in competitiveness via the comments section, and we will try to add them to the debate.

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