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It may not be 100 percent in line with private sector development, but, hey, what else are blogs for? The Institute for Higher Education Policy today released a new (and long awaited) report by Ryan Hahn and Derek Price on College-Qualified Students Who Don't Enroll in College. Among its many findings on college-going in the US, I thought I'd highlight one in particular:

Students may also be wary about taking out loans to finance their education; about one-third of non-college-goers indicated an aversion to borrowing, and 45 percent of counselors stated that an unwillingness to borrow was almost always or frequently important.

If so many American students are put off by loans, one has to wonder how much higher aversion to borrowing is in less debt-ridden societies. Yet if countries are to find sufficient resources available to fund higher education, I see little alternative. Reducing the risk of borrowing then becomes crucial to creating a well-funded and equitable system of higher education finance.


Ryan Hahn

Operations Officer

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