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Avid users of instant messaging, beware! Your habit is about to become very expensive. Well, at least if you live in Russia. Apparently, the Russian patent agency has awarded a patent on the ";-)" emoticon to a Russian businessman. (I wonder if they will charge me for this blog post?) Eternal Remont reports:

Russian businessman Oleg Teterin now claims he owns the tradmark to an emoticon:


That's right people. "Teterin said in an interview with Russian TV channel NTV this week that Russia's patent agency had granted him the trademark to ;-)." He promises to only go after companies, rather than individuals, which use the symbol...for now.

I would normally assume this is a hoax, but having lived in Moscow for a summer, I'm inclined to believe it.

(Hat tip: Veronica Khokhlova at Global Voices Online)


Ryan Hahn

Operations Officer

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