So is the world flat or not?

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Supposedly the answer is somewhere within Edward Leamer's 55 page (!) review of Friedman's book:

As soon as I received a copy of the book, I shipped it overnight by UPS to India to have the work done. I was promised a one-day turn-around for a fee of $100. Here is what I received by e-mail the next day: “This book is truly marvelous. It is perhaps the greatest book ever written. It will surely change the course of human history.” That struck me as possibly accurate but a bit too short and too generic to make the [Journal of Economic Literature] happy, and I decided, with great disappointment, to do the work myself.

Via Alex Tabarrok, who adds:

In the course of much fun at Friedman's expense Leamer does a superb job of reviewing economic geography, trade theory, and recent economic history.  And lest you think he picks easy targets, Paul Samuelson and others come in for some knocks as well.

Also see Stephen Roach on why the world is not flat.

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