Soccernomics, part 2

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The latest soccernomics analysis from ABN AMRO focuses on the relationship between football and the economy in emerging markets. For example:

Beware Argentina! The Dutch team should not underestimate group rival Argentina. In the past, that country's performance on the football pitch often mirrored its economic performance. Each economic crisis after 1987 was followed by poor results by the football team, while every economic recovery was usually followed by better results on the pitch. The Dutch team may have roll their sleeves up: in the past few years the Argentinian economy has expanded by 9% on average.

Here is our earlier post on soccernomics, and more on the increased mobility of soccer players. Also see Chiappori et al. on 'Testing Mixed-Strategy Equilibria When Players Are Heterogeneous: The Case of Penalty Kicks in Soccer.' (via Freakonomics)

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