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It's time again to update our list of development blogs. I'm happy to report that it's getting hard to keep up with all of the activity out there. Heavy on the acronyms, we have:

  • AIDG Blog. The Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group writes on "life changing solutions for the developing world"
  • Diary of an African Entrepreneur. Anonymity breeds honesty, at least in this case
  • Little Devices that Could. "We like gadgets. We like international development. We really like medical technology."
  • Make Poverty Business. Part of the "blogs about books" trend
  • PCR Project Blog. PCR = Prevention, Conflict analysis, Reconstruction
  • THD Blog. Technology, Health and Development: Finding global health solutions through innovation and technology
  • VanStokkom. This is why the blogroll has an "opinions & commentary" section
  • Discover the capital market that invests in good - an ambitious attempt to map the network of those in the social capital market
  • You Can Hear Me Now. Another blog based around a book. (2 items = trend, as any journalist will tell you)

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