The curious typos in the G20 communique

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Communiques from summits are typically written well in advance, with a few last-minute cuts and additions as necessary. I doubt the G20 summit was much different, but there were a few curious typos in the communique:

We will support, now and in the future, to candid, even-handed, and independent IMF surveillance of our economies and financial sectors, of the impact of our policies on others, and of risks facing the global economy.

"We will"? Something seems to be missing - perhaps they meant "give our support to"? Does this mean rich countries will agree to undergo regular FSAPs?

The second typo concerned the Multilateral Development Banks:

...we support a substantial increase in lending of at least $100 billion by the Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), including to low income countries, and ensure that all MDBs, including have the appropriate capital.

It looks like they left out an object of the preposition after "including", e.g. "including the Asian Development Bank", "including the World Bank", etc. So which was it?   


Ryan Hahn

Operations Officer

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