The hidden side of globalization

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In debates over globalization, much attention is given to so-called 'North-South' relationships. Often, data on 'South-South' exchanges it too limited to say much. A new paper on Global Migration of the Highly Skilled by Theo Dunnewijk of United Nations University helps shed some new light on 'South-South' brain drain/brain strain/brain circulation (Hat tip: Giulio Quaggiotto). Previous datasets had overlooked diasporas of highly skilled workers in these countries:

  • South Africa originating in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and Lesotho;
  • Russia from Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus;
  • Ukraine, from Brunei Darussalam;
  • Czechoslovakia (former) from Iran;
  • Malaysia from China and India;
  • Latvia from Israel;
  • Romania from Moldova;
  • Jordan from Palestine Autonomous Region;
  • Tajikistan from Uzbekistan;
  • Bulgaria from Greece

Is this brain drain, brain strain, or brain circulation? Dunnewijk doesn't tell us - a topic for another paper, perhaps.


Ryan Hahn

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