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The Nata village blog documents the spread and impact of HIV/AIDS in the small village of Nata, Botswana.

After much discussion and the frustration of donations going to large organizations that rarely get to those that really need it, Jon and Melody decided to try and help the people of Nata with this website. Millions of dollars are pouring into Africa but people in remote parts of the country rarely get the benefits of this generosity. We hope to profile the specific needs of the village and give our visitors an opportunity to help. But, beyond a fund raising tool, we also want our visitors to meet the people of Nata, learn their stories, and get an intimate look at how they live. We will feature people living with AIDS (PLWA's), youth groups, clinic staff, social workers and others. We hope to give the visitors to this website an inside look at an African village and see how people live on a day to day basis.

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