The potential of China's middle class

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The McKinsey Quarterly looks at the potential value of China’s emerging middle class. Some of their estimates:

  • Today 77% of urban Chinese households live on less than 25,000 renminbi a year (about $3,000); by 2025 that figure will drop to 10%
  • Every year about 20mn Chinese (aprox the population of Australia) turn 18
  • In 2004 about 36mn urban Chinese households had a disposable income of at least 25,000 renminbi a year… by 2009 the number could triple to 105mn
  • By 2025 China’s urban households will make up one of the largest consumer markets in the world, spending about 20 trillion renminbi annually - almost as much as all Japanese households spend today
  • By 2011 the lower middle class will number some 290mn people, representing the largest segment in urban China. By 2025 this segment will comprise a staggering 520mn people

For more, see the special McKinsey Quarterly issue on serving the new Chinese consumer.

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