The private sector vs. poverty

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The World Bank released the results of a global poll today about international development and the role that the World Bank should play in the world. Poverty was the top concern. I find it curious - but perhaps telling - to see how respondents thought that poverty could most effectively be addressed:

In an environment where poverty and growth are high priorities of the WBG and its clients, the poll explored with stakeholders their views on the most effective ways to solve these challenges. In East Asia/Pacific, South Asia, and Africa regions, agriculture productivity emerged as the most important area of development to reduce poverty. In Latin America and Middle East/North Africa, education is onsidered the key to poverty reduction, while in Europe/Central Asia, stakeholders identified private sector growth as the most important area to reduce poverty.

Europe/Central Asia has also consistently dominated the Doing Business report as the most active reform region. Two decades on, it is the post-communist world that is most supportive of the private sector.


Ryan Hahn

Operations Officer

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