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Make any propositions last week which you now need to deliver on? If so, let's talk diamonds. They bring their own moral hazard - just watch Leonardo - but the Kimberley Process and the sector leaders are changing that fast. 'Living Up To Diamonds' - the De Beers report to stakeholders - sets the benchmark, not just for the diamond companies, but for reporting in general. It does so much so well: the development impact of its operations, the stakeholder materiality analysis, the A+ rating from GRI (the first I've seen). There is even a 5 minute video summary of the report which to quote my colleague Giulio, would have Edward Tufte clapping once again. (And if I ruled the world.....Tufte's essay on Powerpoint would be core reference material for anybody who will ever use the software. Just a style issue? Read Tufte's analysis of the Columbia disaster and sober up quickly).

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