Tweets of the Day: Istanbul Edition

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Here are the latest updates from the World Bank/IMF meetings from our Tweeter-in-Chief, Neil Gregory:

nfgregory: In Istanbul for World Bank annual meetings - focus this year on post-crisis economic recovery. First impressions - mood mostly bullish.

nfgregory: importance of developing local capital markets, local funding. Can still benefit from skills of international banks, but with local funding

nfgregory: Protectionism, restrictions on capital flows mean that economies like Egypt need to rely more on domestic demand, domestic capital markets

nfgregory: Entrepreneurship key to new job creation. Governments supporting through deregulation, venture capital, local equity market development.

You can follow all of Neil's Tweets here, or from our World Bank PSD Twitter page.

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  • Stiglitz - risk of regulatory capture. Developing countries need efficient capital allocation. Regulation better in China, India, Brazil

  • Seminar on financial regulation in developing countries post-crisis. Regulators from Brazil and China describe simple effective regulations

  • Crisis accelerated shift in economic activity away from USA/EU to Asia. Diversifies exports, FDI sources. New challenges like climate chamge

  • No return to state-led industry policy, says industry minister Moheildin of Egypt. E asia model (globalize, build infra, knowledge) valid

  • How to create new jobs, rather than just relocation. Important to make it easy for SMEs to form, get credit, grow: measued by Doing Business

  • Global surplus of manufacturing capacity. Governments can spur recovery by investing in infrastructure, human capital, knowledge

  • Small open economies like Serbia badly hit by fall in exports. Challenge in creating jobs for new entrants when unemployment already 16pc

  • Seminar on creating jobs after the crisis. Reformist countries like Morocco less badly hit, had more flexibility to respond

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