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As I posted on the blog last week, the Doing Business 2010 report launched on September 9th. While the report itself always contains useful information, what is often equally interesting is the response in the countries and economies concerned. As part of the launch every year, members of the Doing Business team travel around the world to discuss the results, appearing at very well attended events like Poland's Economic Forum.

Up until now, there was no convenient place to share all the interesting feedback, questions, and commentary from these events. This year, we decided to get a few of the Doing Business team members to let us know what's going on during their travels via Twitter. We're capturing all of their Tweets @WorldBankPSD, so follow us if you'd like to hear what the world is saying about the record results from DB2010.

Here's our line-up of Twitter correspondents:


Ryan Hahn

Operations Officer

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