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What is the meaning of the word "friendly"?

Greece: It's a bailout!

Unemployment today vs The Great Depression.

Leonardo da Vinci's CV.

Is Botswana in trouble?

Holden Caulfield's State of the Union Address. (See previous post for his Davos speech)

Our CGAP blog has an excellent account of how cash transfers from the United States literally make it people in Haiti.

Nouriel Roubini and friends discuss the "new normal for growth" at Davos. Readers can learn more about the "new normal" for job creation at this year's World Bank Finance and Private Sector Development Forum in March. The keynote speaker will be Niall Ferguson, who will discuss, "Can developing countries learn from the history of money, or are they doomed to repeat it?" The forum is open to the public.

Plus, after the jump, some nerdy economics rap that's so bad, it's good:

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