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"The real barrier to firm growth in poor countries could be management".

The top ten emerging financial centers. Plus, the next six BRICS.

Do Europeans really want a dynamic economy?

Is graduate school worth it?

Were nay-saying American economists wrong about the euro? Or is the jury still out?

Street cart dining is all the rage. Plus, ask a question to the first pulitzer-prize winning food writer.

"So yes, bankers are like athletes. Their individual contributions are overrated relative to their supporting environments; they are overpaid; they are paid based on where they randomly fall in the probability distribution in a given year; and paying a lot for bankers is no guarantee that your bank will be successful in the future." (Simon Johnson)

America's most prominent bond investor has lost faith in American capitalism.

Once a country is rich, what is the likelihood that it will become poor again?

Plus, after the jump, an alternative look at who is reading the New York Times:

(h/t Barry Ritholtz)

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